Unix Script File Conversion For Use With Visual Fortran

Unix Script File Conversion For Use With Visual Fortran

I am a traditional unix fortran user who just acquired visual fortran for the PC. I am trying to port over my unix based codes to the PC. I had several script files that were used to setup input files prior to executing my job. What is the equivalent command or bat file that is used on the PC with visual fortran? Do I have to create a traditional DOS .bat file and run my jobs from a command prompt? Any help that can point me in the right direction to get me going would be appreciated.

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To answer your question we would have to know more about what your scripts do. If they simply setup input and output for the program, this is easily done with a traditional BAT file. Look at online help that comes with Windows for more information (Exact location depends on Windows version).

If your scripting files are doing something more sophisticated, like some data processing or what not, you can step up to WSH but this may have a higher learning curve. Check out http://www.microsoft.com/scripting/.


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