PowerStation to CVF or Intel Fortran?

PowerStation to CVF or Intel Fortran?

I am finally upgrading from PowerStation v.4.0 to CVF or Intel Fortran. Which should I buy? Are they essentially the same software package? Do both include Microsoft Visual Studio or will that be an additional purchase?


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CVF and Intel Fortran are not the same package.

CVF includes the Microsoft Developer Studio development environment - there is nothing else to buy. Note that it does not include "Visual Studio", which is a Microsoft product that includes C, BASIC and other language products.

Intel Fortran requires that you have purchased and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition (at a minimum - Visual Studio 6.0 will also do.) before installing and using Intel Fortran. It does not integrate into the Developer Studio IDE as completely as CVF does.

The compilers themselves are also different. A release in late 2003 will bring the products together, but until then, they are separate.

You may want to try the evaluation copies of both products to see which one suits you best (though for Intel Fortran you must already have Visual C++.)


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Thanks for the info. Is a CVF evaluation copy available anywhere as a download?

To get evaluation copy of CVF go to that page and find reseller (usually you have to register and 30 day evaluation copy is mailed to you within a couple of days).
Intel Fortran can be download from here


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