User of PowerStation

User of PowerStation

I'm a user of MSFPS 4.0. Can I post questions on this message board? Anyone using this compiler? Thanks


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This message board is for users of Intel Fortran and Compaq Visual Fortran, not other vendors' compilers. I suggest the microsoft.public.fortran USENET newsgroup. Considering that PowerStation has been off the market for more than five years, there aren't too many people still using it.


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If you do use this old compiler, be very careful. Watch its performance and results. If I remember correctly, the version distributed on CD created code that had severe memory leaks. For example, every formatted read (even internal) resulted in 4 bytes being consumed and not released. MS had an "unsupported fix" for this, but I suspect it is impossible to acquire now.

Of course, this Forum is an (rather) open resource so you're free to ask. As is already said, FPS is a buggy, old and unsupported compiler so you should really consider upgrading. However, odds are good that you'll get an answer here since CVF does have almost all of FPS functionality, so CVF users too might benefit of that answer. I understand Intaq's (Compel's) :-) official position that FPS is not their responsibility, but I think no one would seriously bother if you're a FPS user.


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