Missing CRTO.C File

Missing CRTO.C File

I am currently using CVF 6.6 Enterprise Edition. When working on a Fortran Console application, there seems to be some sort of library file missing. The program compiles fine, but it won't run, and when I try to "step into" using the debugger, it prompts me to help locate the file CRTO.C. I have no idea what this file is...I certainly haven't referenced it in my code, and I have done a complete search of the source files to make sure. Has anyone else had this problem when trying to debug???

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You get this message when you "step in" to the beginning of a program in the debugger. In the current version, Developer Studio doesn't recognize that the main program is Fortran and jump to the main entry point.

Instead of using the "step in" or "start debug" command, set a breakpoint at the first executable line and use the Go button (or press F5).

CRT0.C is a source from the Visual C run-time library, which CVF uses. Just ignore this.


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Thanks for the reminder...I knew I had gotten this message once before and managed to figure out why, I just couldn't remember how.

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