compliler inconsitency

compliler inconsitency

We have just found that using the same version of Visual Fortran ver 6.0 that one computer throws off and error stating that the variable has not been initialized before use, while another computer gives no error and runs the program as thought there was no problem.

Is there some setting that we cannot find that differentiates this?


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An initialization warning is easily attributable to a difference in project configuration, perhaps you have warnings treated as errors on one computer (Project -> Settings -> Fortran -> Warning Level).

A good way to double check your compiler more directly is just compile from the command line and see if you still see any differences.


We have the 'warnings treated as errors' activated on both compilers and have gone through all the compile options to make sure they were the same.

Did you try compiling from the command line?


Is the optimization level the same? In 6.0, uninitialized variable checking wasn't done if optimization was turned off, as it would be in a debug configuration.

Have you considered updating your compiler version? 6.0 is four years old at this point...


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