Listview control

Listview control

I have a listview control in my application.I am trying to highlight an entire row whenever any item is selected in the list.By default only the first column gets highlighted. Will 'LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT' work? or should we make the listview as owner-drawn and write our own code for redrawing the listview everytime?

If we have to use the owner_draw_fixed style then could you tell me what we must do to display items in the listview on WM_DRAWITEM?. I would like to get an listview interface similar to the one that comes with Compaq Visual fortran help page under Search Tab.

I would really be glad if someone could help me out.Thanks,

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I don't know the answer; I'd just like to point you to newsgroup -- chances are far better that you'll get an answer for such questions there. If you don't have access to a news server, there is web interface on Google.

I am using the following command in my program:
and the function returns a 0.
Help tells me that this style is supported and that the version of comctl32.dll required for running 'LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT' is 4.70.
The version of comctl32.dll file under c:winntsystem32 folder is 5.81.3103.1000. The Visual fortran version I am using is 6.5.

Other listview functions like:
work fine. Only this function fails.
Can you give me some more information about this.Thanks,

Feeling quiteI interesting in this topic but I am not sure if some UI listview control be of help to your circumstance.





Version 4.70. When an item is selected, the item and all its subitems are highlighted. This style is available only in conjunction with the LVS_REPORT style.


See for more precisions



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