Icon not displayed correctly in Task Bar

Icon not displayed correctly in Task Bar

I am loading an icon using-

wc%hIcon = LoadIcon( hInstance, LOC(lpszIconName))

If I have a shortcut to my .exe then the icon is shown correctly but in Explorer and in the Task Bar, the icon is shown as a small black box with some white horizontal and vertical lines which is wrong.

Any ideas why this occurs?



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You should provide small icon (16x16) within your .ico file as well. If you don't, Windows will try to resize your big icon to 16x16, but my guess is that it fails due to some reason, possibly color depth (I always use 16 color icons, but I've heard about problems with 256- and full color images).

Thanks, that worked fine.
I had wondered about a 16x16 icon, but didnt realise that by clicking on the icon besode the list of devices I could create a new one with the same ID.

Thanks also for help on the translations.


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