Unformated READ parameter

Unformated READ parameter

I am trying to port this old IBM Mainframe Fortran66/77 program to the PC.
It is reading unformated binary data from a disk file using the following read statement:

Does anyone know what the NUM=LTH is? (there is no other occurence of LTH in the program. The compiler (Compaq Visual Fortran 6.0) doesn't like it and there is no info in the IBM manuals (for latter versions).

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I looked on google, and found an answer that seems plausible. The num=
sets to the number of bytes
that were actually read. If, for some reason, the record
is shorter than the I/O list, no error occurs.

A wild guess is that the NUM=LTH could be a NAMELIST specification. If that were the case, though, there should be a NAMELIST /LTH/ variable, variable, ... statement, or something similar to that, somewhere in your program. Your input data would typically be character and not binary.

I believe that the VF syntax is NML=namelist_group. If you don't use the NML keyword in the READ statement, then it has to be the second item in the list.


I think jparsly has it right - it's not NAMELIST - IBM has had NAMELIST for more than 20 years and the specifier was NML=).


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