Runing VBScript Macro

Runing VBScript Macro

I wrote a VBScript Macro and installed it. The Macro run from both toolbar button and Macros Dialog Box, successfully.
But I want to run it from Fortran Program,
I put "msdev -ex Macroname" command to fortran Code ( as given Online Document) but I couldn't compile and execute it.
Is there anybody who can help me where I made mistake, please?

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First make sure any command you use works from the command line already. Then you can do something like:

use dflib
result = SYSTEMQQ ("at msdev -ex macroname")

If you still have problems post a code sample and describe any error.


Thanks for your reply.
But I still have problem. Compilation is Ok but in running I got "Bad command or Filename" message.
Here is code and as you see it is only test purposes.
Main Prog:
use dflib
logical result
result=systemqq(" msdev -ex TestMacro")
Macro Code:
Sub TestMacro()
MsgBox "Hello"
End Sub
Thanks at advance

Try replacing "msdev" with "dfdev".


Hi James,
I tried with "dfdev" like
result=systemqq("dedev -ex macroname") .
It works but, firstly it opens a new CVF window and then macro runs.
Thanks your cooperative support.

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