bitmap graphics text

bitmap graphics text

I have an Fortran application that calculates shaded images of architectural interiors and produces bitmap files that these images. I would like to add some text to these images. I do all this without using QuickWin, since I need to produce a DLL. Does anyone know of available Fortran routines/libraries to generate text in a bitmap. I'd just as soon not work with Windows APIs.

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See XFTGDI on my home page. Briefly, you should:

XCreateBitmap to load the bitmap from .bmp file
XMemoryDC to create a canvas (DC) in memory
XPlaceBitmap to place the bitmap onto the canvas
XDeleteBitmap to delete it (you'll no longer need it)
XSetFont to set font
XTextOut to print the text onto the canvas
XGetBitmap to get the modified bitmap
XSaveBitmap to save it to disk
XDeleteBitmap to delete it
XDeleteDC to delete the canvas (DC)


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