CPLEX and Fortran

CPLEX and Fortran

I'm using CPLEX callable libraries and everything compiles, links, and runs fine when I set the configuration on Debug, but when I set it to Release I get unresolved externals on every CPLEX callable library.
Is this a CVF bug? Maybe I should also check with tech support. Thanks.

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I'm confident it's NOT a CVF bug.

If I had to guess, (which I do), I'd say that you chose to reference the CPLEX library by going into Project..Settings..Link and adding the library there. What a lot of people don't realize is that the default in the Settings boxes is that you are changing things for the current configuration only (Debug or Release). If so, when you switched to Release, the libraries weren't being referenced. There's a little drop-down selector to choose which configurations the changes apply to.

My preferred way of adding libraries is to add them to the project as if they were source files. That way they'll be referenced properly no matter what.


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