How to migrate VF between computers?

How to migrate VF between computers?

I am retiring a Windows 98 computer over to a new XP computer, and moved all my Visual Studio files to the new computer, including the VF version 6.5. I kept the identical directory structure. However, when I try to compile a source file, it says "cannot launch DF.EXE"
Was there another set of files I was supposed to migrate over to the new computer?

Or do I have to reinstall the VF from scratch? I have ordered the 6.6A upgrade, but thought I first would have migrate the 6.5 version.

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My guess is that your TEMP path setting in your environment is too long. When we install CVF on Windows 2000 machines we have to adjust this before doing a build. It usually is c:Documents and Settings.... and we change it to c:winnt emp or c: emp.

Are you saying that I can't put it in the usual Visual Studio hierarchy? On the old computer, it was under Programs/Microsoft Visual Studio/ common / etc.

I would not like to sacrifice that unless absolutely necessary, since it can cause problems elsewhere.

I'd really recommend rerunning setup -- it does all you need to do. Manual copying definitely won't work. Probably exporting & importing registry keys from Regedit
[both HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] /Software/Microsoft/DevStudio/6.0 would work provided you keep directory structure identical. However, if VS crashes on the new machind during startup after that, remove these keys and run setup.

You MUST do an install - you cannot simply move files. There is too much registry customization and other things going on at install to make a simple file copying work.


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