How to upgrade on top of a migration?

How to upgrade on top of a migration?

I have ordered a CVF 6.6 upgrade, but the old 6.5 was on a Win '98 computer, so I have to put the upgrade on a new XP computer. The 6.5 won't work under Win XP.

Is it sufficient to copy the files to the new computer first, before installing the upgrade? Or is there a special procedure I need to follow first? If I install the upgrade on the old computer, I don't think I can just move the files.

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It depends on what you ordered. If it was the 6.5-6.6 upgrade CD that is available for about $20, then you do have to install 6.5 first. It will install fine on XP. If it is an upgrade from any version (5.0 and up), then you don't need to install anything else first - it will prompt you for the old and new serial numbers.


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