/tune vs /arch in CVF6

/tune vs /arch in CVF6

What is the:
1. Diffrence
2. Interaction
between settings on /arch and /tune ?

e.g. does one supersede the other, or do they compliment each other or...?

Tim H

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They complement each other.

/arch says "generate instructions that assume the program is being run on a processor of at least this generation". This can cause use of instructions not supported on older processors.

/tune says "when making optimization decisions, choose the sequence that works best on this processor generation." You can use /tune without /arch, in which case the program will run everywhere but may run a bit slower on processor generations older than the one you specified.

The same applies to CVF on IA-32 systems.


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Thank stevo,
That is what I assumed.

So assuming the exe/dll is never distributed, then specifying /arch=host completely supersedes /tune=host.


Supersedes? I don't think I'd put it that way, but in practice it might work out like that.


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