parallel programing

parallel programing

I need a beguiners guide for parallel processing in CVF.One of the sort Parallel for Dummies.

What I need? What hardware is recommended (For example dual processors boards could be used and which ones)? Do I need special drivers? Configuration?
Thanks a lot.

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I think that you could start by taking a look at one of the back issues of Compaq VF Newsletters. Then you can go to
KAI web page (they're Intel division now). There you will find all info on benefits of using the OpenMP directives and the software they sell. You use it in a simple way compiling your Fortran code with options like fusing loops level IPA etc. If you need more info I'd try to find it.


There's a good article in one of the back newsletters on using Dan Nagle's fthreads package. The CVF FAQ and Companion Products page has more, as does the chapter on multitrhread applications in the CVF Programmer's Guide.

As for hardware, you need a multiprocessor system and a version of Windows that supports MP operation. No special drivers. You do need to program in a "thread aware" mode, as discussed in the Programmer's Guide.


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