ANN: XFT (Lite) Library Release

ANN: XFT (Lite) Library Release

I'd like to announce first release of XFT Library for CVF.

XFT library is a set of modules which wrap some of Win32 functionality most used for building GUIs. It is a free, open source resource. The goal of XFT is to provide a free and easy-to-use tool for building Win32 GUIs.

XFT comes in two flavors: "Lite" and "Full". "Lite" version consists of a limited set of modules which present useful handy functions in any kind of application without additional overhead.

Currently, two modules are provided in "Lite" flavor: XFTGDI, dealing with drawing functions, and XFTFile, covering common Windows Open/Save/Browse dialogs. Lite version is downloadable from my home page:
It is accompanied with a sample application and documentation in .chm format.

Full version will be released as soon as documentation is complete.


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I've just downloaded the library files (with no problem). Looks great. Many thanks.


The current version of XFT, uploaded today, is 1.0 RC3 (includes many bug fixes, but I'm not yet brave enough to call it "final"). You may be interested in new samples as well (XGraph, which is simple expression evaluator/plotterand QW_XFT, illustrating overriding QuickWin drawing in child windows).



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