Excel2000 Automation

Excel2000 Automation

As a beginner, I tried to run Autodice sample and created excel2000.f90 by Fortran Module Wizard via directions at the message posted by Tonyrichards on 1st may 2002. That message is really clear and helpful.
But when compling the Excel2000.f90 , I get the error : Internal Compiler Error C0000005.
My configuration is Win98, Excel2000 and CVF6.1.
I looked to find out something at MSDN Library, but I couldn't find anything.
Is there anybody to know any fix for this bug?

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That error means a bug in the compiler - you won't find anything about it on MSDN. If you can reproduce the problem with 6.6A, let us know at vf-support@compaq.com.


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