Linking Fortran Libs with VC++.NET

Linking Fortran Libs with VC++.NET

I'm trying to link and run some simple code with BLAS and LAPACK libraries built with CVF 6.5. It links fine in VC++.NET, but I get a "runtime error" message before I reach main().

The same code runs fine with VC++6.0.

Does anyone know what's wrong?


extern "C" void __stdcall
DAXPY(int *n, double* a, double* x, int* incx, double* y, int* incy);

extern "C" void __stdcall
DGETRF(int* m, int* n, double* A, int* lda, int* ipiv, int* info);

double a, *x, *y;
int n, inc;

inc = 1;
n = 3;
a = 2.0;

x = new double[n];
y = new double[n];

x[0] = 2.0; x[1] = -1.0; x[2] = 1.0;
y[0] = 5.0; y[1] = 2.0; y[2] = -3.0;

DAXPY(&n, &a, x, &inc, y, &inc);

double *A = new double[n*n];

A[0] = 1.0; A[3] = 5.0; A[6] = -2.0;
A[1] = -1.0; A[4] = 9.0; A[7] = 3.0;
A[2] = -7.0; A[5] = 2.0; A[8] = 10.0;

int *ipiv = new int[3];
int info = 0;

DGETRF(&n, &n, A, &n, ipiv, &info);

delete [] x;
delete [] y;
delete [] A;
delete [] ipiv;

return 0;

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Where do your BLAS and LAPACK routines come from?


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Its actually linking with LAPACK that causes problems. Linking with BLAS alone works. The LAPACK library was built in CVF 6.5 from LAPACK 3.0 Fotran files from

Right now I'm going to experiment with breaking the library up into smaller pieces.

I've reduced the problem to a small size. I downloaded only the files I need for DGETRF.F from netlib. I put together a .NET project and a CVF 6.5 project. These files are attached. The only settings to change is the location of the Fortran libs in the .NET project.

This still produces the same runtime error before main() is reached.



I tried your example using CVF 6.6A and VC.NET. It worked fine. No run-time errors.


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