activex control usage

activex control usage

is there somebody that ever used activex control (ocx) in a compaq visual fortran project ?
i have some problems to learn how does it works.



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what (exactly) you're going to do (what's the type of project and what's the type of problem). try to be more specific and somebody (definitely) will help you.


I already try to explain few days ago the problem, but no one answered.Obviously i wasn't clear enough.i have created a new activex control with visual basic 6.0 (contr.ocx).
This control is activated by a method.
I would like to call (activate, invoke) this activex control in a visual fortran program.
First i open a new project and workspace as fortran window application.
Then i choose simple dialog based application and check "this project use activex control".
The Wizard now add some code and some resource to my project.
Particularly, in the dialog resource (IDD_mypjt_DIALOG) i add my control (already registered and tested).Now the questions:
Have i to use control module wizard to add code to my project?
how can i call (activate, invoke) my control?
Witch instructions i have to add to mypjtApply callback subroutine to activate my control
and witch for pass parameters to it?
I have read a lot of time (not enough?) programmer's guide and examples (Browser and MMplayer)
but it slip out the logic with it works.
In VB6 my control (contr) consists of one method (contr.start) ad tree properties (contr.att - boolean ,
contr.datimask - string , contr.maschera - string).
If i wont to use thing activex in VB i only write this code in one event click button:

Private Sub Command1_click()


End Sub

I would like to do this in CVF.

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