Inserting a Menu resource in a Visual Fortran program

Inserting a Menu resource in a Visual Fortran program

Dear Tony Richards:
First of all, thanks for your reply. I think I made not the point clear enough when I formulated my question. I have already defined the INITIALSETTINGS function in the way you mention in your reply, and everything is working properly. The point is that I need to create a pop-up submenu which is called by one of the items of the main menu (see File/Recent Files in Developer Studio, as an example) and, though I understood how to create the pop-up submenu by using the "Insert Resource" tool of Developer Studio, there is no information on how to insert and call it from the program. APPENDMENUQQ and INSERTMENUQQ do not seem to be suited for that effect, because none of its callback routines refers to such situation. In other words, I have the tool but not a place to put it to work. Did I make myself clear? Thanks again.

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QuickWin does not support nested submenus. I posted a solution once in the old Forum. (See subthread starting from #11). You have to use subclassing to handle the user's clicks though. Poker sample illustrates the technique of subclassing; also, a search for subclassingor GWL_WNDPROC in the old Forum should yield few useful tips.


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