clear find-in-files buffer?

clear find-in-files buffer?

Hi --

In Compaq Fortran 6.1a, how do I clear the find-in-files buffer so that the drop-down list of previous searches comes up empty?

Thanks for your help

-- Meg

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These are values under the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDevStudio6.0Search - Find1 through Find16. You can use REGEDIT to blank them out or write a little registry script to do it.


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I don't suppose you know how to permanently extend the find in files filter values do you?

There is always an entry of *.for;*.f90;*.fpp etc., but we have include files *.str;*.cmn;*.prm;*.inc. I'm forever having to retype that bit as it isn't remembered between swaps (mixed language, I have to search C++ files too). Is there a registry key for this? (I've looked but found nothing).

A very minor annoyance I guess.

Sorry, I don't. I looked in the registry and thought I found a place you could specify this, but it didn't work. Developer Studio's list of known file types comes partly from the "packages" (special DLLs per language) loaded and not from the registry. Sad, but true...


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Yes, once I tried registry hack too to add .fd files to the list. What I actually did was that I added .fd to recognized fortran source files, so the compiler tried to compile them as normal source files. The outcome wasn't very pleasant ;-).


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