Legacy Code Issues

Legacy Code Issues

I'm trying to compile a fairly old Fortran code that works fine under CVF 6.6, but the Intel compiler is being too literal in the interpretation of data types and sizes. For example, I have an array of CHARACTER*4 (equivalenced to a REAL*4 array of the same dimensions) that is being sent to a function with an INTERFACE definition. The interface is needed since the routine is written in C, but the parameter for the above array is defined to be a CHARACTER*1 array. I assume this is done for the C implementation. The Intel 7.1 Fortran compiler keeps pointing out that there is a mismatch in data types. I've tried the 8.0 compiler, too, and the error message is just more complex.

Modifying the rather large source code base to come into line with better F90/95 coding practices is out of the question. Is there any kind of legacy code switch that will turn off this compile time checking for exact data type matches or reduce them to warnings?



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