Please try the CVF 6.6C update

Please try the CVF 6.6C update

I have a couple of problems with CVF 6.6C that did not occur with 6.6B. The first is that the compiler does not seem to be able to process lines like:

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

integer*4, parameter :: ColourNumber(140) = (/ &

#FFF8F0, & !ColourName( 1) = 'ALICEBLUE

D:libCVFColours.f90(367) : Warning: Bad # preprocessor line

It complained about all 140 lines of this subroutine that started with ???#??? despite the continuation characters on the preceding lines. It was easily cured by inserting a space before every ???#???.

The second problem was that in a couple of modules containing user-generated utility routines, I got the alarming error:

Severe: **Internal compiler error: internal abort**

This was caused by a failure to get subroutine A called by subroutine B, despite the fact that there was a correct ???use utils??? in subroutine B. It was cured by putting ???use utils??? at the head of the module. This was not an isolated case, but a similar
thing happened in a second module, where another

Severe: **Internal compiler error: internal abort**

complained erroneously about:

bret = DlgInit(IDD_About,dlg)


This was cured by changing the ???use utils, only : ????????? in the routine to ???use utils???

I would be glad of some explanation of these problems ??? it does not make 6.6C better than 6.6B for my usage.


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