'losing' files in CVF6.6

'losing' files in CVF6.6

I am running CVF6.6B on winXP and have a very frustrating problem where I keep 'losing' *.f90 files. For example I'm happily working away on a program module, but when I try to save the file it comes up with an error message saying 'File in use by another program, blah, blah'. Cancel that and try to save again and it seems to work.

HOWEVER... sometimes, and not always, when i close and reopen the file within the CVF GUI, it comes up with 'example.f90 does not exist - create new file?'. i.e. my *.f90 file has been deleted somehow, and i cannot find it on the disk/recycle bin either.

I have lost way too much time by redoing modules i've already done, and imagine this is some sort of conflict with another program - but what else uses *.f90 files? Any ideas

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Yes - this is a bug in Developer Studio. MS has a fix for it, but they haven't released it for general use (and won't give it to you if you haven't bought MSVC.) I don't have the right to just distribute it to all, but send me an e-mail at steve.lionel@intel.com and I'll see what I can do for you.

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