"user breakpoint called from code..." AND "Forrtl: severe(41):insufficient virtual memory"

"user breakpoint called from code..." AND "Forrtl: severe(41):insufficient virtual memory"

I'm having these errors in my application:
when i use the instruction OPEN:
"user breakpoint called from code 0x77f667cd"

and just before, always the following:

"Forrtl: severe(41):insufficient virtual memory"

-debuggin' it with MS developer Studio 97, 5.0D, under WinXP.

The error appears only under two conditions:
- when i send"big" operations tothe application,
- I call the OPEN instruction, to write something (it doesnt matter whatever i try to write, or whatever the other posibilities - almost everything tried before write this post)

I'll appreciate any kind of help to fix this problem.

Specially,Could beany incompatibility between MS developer Studio and Windows XP? Is there another Fortran Compiler for Windows XP?
Can iUse this Intel Fortran compilers, working with AMD processors?

Thanks a lot.

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You are using Digital Visual Fortran 5.0, a product that was replaced with version 6.0 in 1998. Windows XP was just a twinkle in Bill Gates' eye back then. The earliest Visual Fortran to support Windows XP was 6.6.

The problem you describe does not sound like a compatibility issue to me, but it's hard to say. Lots of problems have been corrected in the past six years of Visual Fortran.

Intel Fortran works on AMD IA-32 compatible processors.

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