DFDEV.EXE Application Error

DFDEV.EXE Application Error

I'm at a loss with this issue.

I was running CVF 6.6 with no problem until I installed MS Visual Studio6.

I kept getting the DFDEV.exe application error when trying to compile.

I ungraded to MS Visual Studio.net - no luck

I installed all CVF updates - no luck.

Uninstalled MS VS6 VS.net - no luck

Uninstalled and reinstalled CVF - no luck

Deleted all files except *.for and tried to recompile - no luck

I uninstalled and reinstalled and deleted files several times and can't seem to resolve this error. Is there anyway to clean the registry?

I have this exact same problem on 3 machines using Windows 2000 and XP.


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Hard to tell what is going on, but it might well be a registry problem -- registry keys are seldom uninstalled.

Did you try logging in as a different/new user? If there's no problem with that, try deleting HKCU/Software/Microsoft/DevStudio/6.0 key first, run Per-user setup from CVF program group and try (itwon't doharm except for customizations you might have made in VS).

If other user doesn't work, and/or the problem persists, delete also HKLM/Software/Microsoft/DevStudio/6.0, but it will probably require reinstallation. Make sure to install VS6 Service pack 5.

Hope this helps.

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