Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition - Pricing and Upgrades

Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition - Pricing and Upgrades

Back in December, when Intel Visual Fortran was announced, a Professional Edition that adds the IMSL* 5.0 libraries from Visual Numerics was described. Pricing was given as $1399 for a new purchase, or $849 if upgrading from CVF Pro (the upgrade was said to be a limited time offer.)

Since then, we have had users ask about upgrades from Intel Visual Fortran Standard Edition. It took a while to get the details straightened out, but we now have upgrades and pricing set. Resellers are just now learning about these, so please be patient with them if they haven't seen the changes yet.

Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition has all the features of the Standard Edition and adds the IMSL 5.0 libraries from Visual Numerics. (CVF had IMSL 4.0). New features and enhancements in IMSL compared to CVF Pro include:

  • Many new algorithms, including new statistical time series routines
  • New interfaces available with optional arguments, allowing for greater control and simplified development (source compatible with existing programs)
  • Dynamic Link Library now provided
  • OpenMP and SMP support
  • Support of Intel Math Kernel Library (purchased separately)for improved performance
  • Includes no-charge run-time license for deployment on systems with no more than 4 CPUs
  • Full technical support from Intel (in CVF, technical support was not included)


  • New purchase: $1199 "sale" price through 6/30/2004, $1399 thereafter
  • New academic purchase: $649
  • Upgrade from CVF Professional Edition, $849 (available from resellers only, qualification done by resellers). This upgrade offer expires 6/30/2004.
  • Upgrade from Intel Visual Fortran Standard: $700 through 6/30/2004, $900 thereafter (New option)

Each purchase includes one year of support and product updates at no additional charge. Support can be renewed for another yearthereafter for $649.

Academic upgrade pricingand floating licenses forthe Professional Editionare not available. Please contact Visual Numerics directly (Matt Prentice, to ask about other IMSL licensing options, including large-system run-time licenses.

Availability is expected to be on or about March 31, 2004. Initial availability will be download only, with CD product to follow a few weeks later.

As you will have noted, we have temporarily lowered the "new purchase" price for the Professional Edition. If you have already placed an order with a reseller at the higher price, please contact them to have the price adjusted.

Lastly, please note that the special $200 upgrade from CVF to Intel Visual Fortran Standard Edition expires 3/31/2004.

Please let me know if you have questions about any of the above.

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Steve - Intel Developer Support
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VNI's pricing is an outrage.

Gerry T.

Steve, last December you wrote the following (see below ), partly as a response to a message that I sent concerning academic pricing for the professional version of intel fortran.

According to the latest message, you seem to imply that there is now no price break for academic users. That is the the $560 or $605 price that you quoted below last Decembernow doesn't apply. Could you please clarify this because there seems to be conflicting information ?

Ilook forward to your answer.
Yours sincerely,
David Halpern,
Associate Professor,
University of Alabama,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Phone: (205)348-1977

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I will pass on to the marketing people (who negotiated with VNI) the comments about the lack of a Std-Pro upgrade. No promises - it's not really up to us.

There is no additional discount on the CVF-IVF upgrade for academic users - the price is already so low.
Academic pricing:
Standard: $245 ($200 for download)
Student: $30 (download only, limited support)
Pro: $605 ($560 for download)
There is no academic CVF-IVF Pro upgrade.
Floating licenses are also available.

This is good news to me. I paid $200 for a discounted upgrade from CVF Pro with IMSL to IF7 a year ago. Now for an additional $700 I can upgrade from the current IVF8 Standard to IVF8 Pro with IMSL. That's a total of $900, $49 more than if I had waited until now to upgrade directly from CVF Pro to IVF8 Pro for $849, but it's close enough and definitely better than paying an additional $1199 for a new copy of IVF8 Pro.

I agree withGerry T. that VNI is charging a lot for the privilege of using IMSL 5. Perhaps Intel should consider partnering with NAG, which offers what I think is a library with comparable functionality, to produce an alternate IVF Pro product that might cost less. It could sell both Pro versionsand let customers choose which one they want. Just an idea.

Mike D.

Note that when you upgrade to Pro, you get your license extended by a year, so you've had some use of the standard edition for the money. We needed to set the price at $700 in order to plug a hole in the pricing model. If we had set it at $649, then someone could buy the standard kit for $499 and the upgrade for $649 and pay $1148 for the Pro, vs. (originally) $1399, or (now) $1199 for the Pro kit directly.

It could have been a lot worse, trust me. Also, note that these are suggested prices and resellers have the flexibility to sell for less. The upgrades are available through resellers ONLY, not directly from Intel.

As for NAG, their prices are about the same, really. The major reason we offer the package with IMSL is that so many CVF customers wanted it.It's an unusual arrangement for Intel and has been more complicated than I envisioned. We're not ruling out a package with NAG for the future, though.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


My apologies - I meant that there was no academic upgrade pricing. You are correct - there is an academic price of $649 for new purchases.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

My apologies - I meant that there was no academic upgrade price. There is an academic purchase price of $649. Thanks for catching this - I'll make the edit.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Over the life span of DVF/CVF, IMSL didn't seem to change in terms of functionality. IMSL 5 does so, a price hike is reasonable and while I believe you when you say that it could have been worse it could also have been better if the NAG library were available as a competitive alternative. Personally I'd prefer NAG over IMSL but their current insistance on run-time licensing is not on. It's amusing that the NAG library will likely be issued as an IVF-generated DLL as it was with DVF/CVF.

Is it correct to assume that the annual subscription to IVF Pro will include IMSL upgrades?

Gerry T.

Note that VNI normally charges for a run-time license for IMSLtoo, but we arranged that that would not be needed for most users.

Yes, support service for Pro includes any updates to IMSL that we receive.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

"Note that VNI normally charges for a run-time license for IMSL too, but we arranged that that would not be needed for most users."

Duly noted. I'm sure this is good for many IVF customers. Now if only you could persuade the NAG folks what a great opportunity is to be had!

Gerry T.

I contacted Programmer's Paradise to buy the IVF8 Standard to IVF8 Pro upgrade. I was told that they won't have it available for sale until March 31. My year of Intel support for IVF8 Standard runs out shortly before that. Should I just not pay the upcoming support fee for the IVF8 Standard and get another year's worth when my purchase of the upgrade goes through? There would be a small gap where I wouldn't be covered, but that shouldn't be a big deal.

By the way, Intel hasn't contacted me yet about paying the support fee for another year. How is that normally done?

Mike D.

Hi Mike,

Intel's renewals don't so much depend on the product release dates as on when your maintenance expires based on the original purchase date. If you renew today, your maintenance will be extended for the next 12 months from the date your maintenance expired. So, if your maintenance expires on 3/20/2004 and you purchase a renewal, it will be extended until 3/20/2005. You would continue to receive upgrades at no additional charge until 3/20/2005. See additional information at

Let us know if didn't answer your question.

Take care,
Intel Corp.

Mike raises an interesting issue I don't know the answer for - how is qualification for the Std-Pro upgrade handled? I'll find out and report back here.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


I'm not sure I framed the question clearly. I understand that if I purchase a support renewal today my support will be extended for another year. If I did that and then purchased the IVF8 Standard to IVF8 Pro upgrade what would happen?

Mike D.


You should not renew your support for the Standard Edition at this point if you intend to upgrade to Professional. You could, but it would be a waste of money. The Professional Upgrade is a complete replacement for your Standard Edition, which you would then discontinue using.

You will need the serial number from your Intel Fortran Standard kit to qualify for the upgrade.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hello Steve,

I wish to know whether Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition is available in China and how much it costs.


Tang Zhanghong

Hi Tang,

A list of local Chinese resellers can be found at I recommend to contact them for pricing information. If you need additional contact information, please write to

Take care,
Intel Corp

I want to order the coming Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition but I am not sure about the requirement of the .NET environment in relation to C++.
I now have the CVF Professional Edition 6.6C and Visual C++ 6.0.
What do I need for the upgrade concerning .NET and Visual C++ ?
I thought I need Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition, but I only see at the Microsoft pages : Visual Studio.NET 2003 Professional. Is this the one and is Visual C++ included in it?


You need Visual Studio.NET. Visual Studio.NET 2003 Professional is fine and yes it includes Visual C++. The least expensive choice is Visual C++.NET 2003 Standard Edition, but I would recommend that only if Visual C++ is not important to you, as it does not provide an optimizing C++ compiler.

Any Microsoft product which includes Visual C++.NET works with Intel Visual Fortran.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

What exactly are the IMSL 5.0 licensing restrictions? Is it a perpetual license, or must it be renewed annually -- i.e., if my IMSL license expires, can I continue using the library and distributing apps built with it?

Hopefully, an expired license only means I'm cut off from updates -- but if it's worse than that, I'd like to know. In ascending degrees of paranoia, here are possible restrictions with an expired license:

(1) Cannot re-install IMSL 5.0 after upgrading machines.

(2) Cannot continue to use IMSL 5.0 on original machine.

(3) Cannot continue distributing apps built while license was valid.

Please reassure or commiserate :-)

You're simply cut off from updates. You're allowed to use the software you have indefinitely.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

It's quite easy to place restrictions on a would-be client of a DLL. Is the IMSL 5 DLL that comes with IVF Pro freely loadable by a nonIVF-developed app?

Gerry T.

If you purchase Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition and install the IMSL libaries, you may develop an application using IMSL and an any language you like - it does not have to be Fortran. The IMSL libraries do have a dependency on the Intel Fortran run-time libraries.

I have attached a copy of the IMSL license to this reply.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

The renewal cost for 8.0 is $200/year. For 8.0 Pro the annual cost is $649 -- in other words, $449 justto continue getting IMSL updates.

If I upgrade to Pro now, in order to get IMSL 5.0, will I have an option a year later to choose the non-Pro $200 renewal? Will IMSL continue to work with non-Pro updates?

The Fortran renewals seem well worthwhile, given the agressive efforts to maintain and improve the compiler. But IMSL ought to be more stable and should not be changing very fast (unless they need to fix bugs introduced in 5.0 :-). Why would I want to more than triple my renewal costs just to have the latest IMSL tweak?

If down the road there's an IMSL 6.0 that's a signficant enhancement, then it would be nice to just pay an IMSL upgrade fee at the time. Has any thought been given to this?Might it, for example, bepossible to toggle between Pro and non-Pro renewals as the situation warrants?

No, I don't think you will be able to "toggle" like that. We do expect to see IMSL updates and upgrades over time. Note that you're also getting support for IMSL - if you let your license lapse, you won't be able to file support requests as a supported customer anymore. You will also lose the ability to get compiler updates.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


I'd pretty much assumed toggling back and forth wouldn't fly, but I'm not sure you've answered the single-toggle question of my second paragraph -- if I upgrade now to Pro, can I purchase the $200 non-Pro renewal subsequently, or have I locked myself into the (much) higher annual renewal fee?

I understand that a non-Pro renewal would bar me from IMSL tech support, and I expect my existing IMSL libraries would work less well than those updated with bug fixes and rebuilt usingthe later compiler. I just want to know if this is even an option.



Ok, I see what you are getting at. You are thinking about renewing your existing Standard license for $200 in the future. Interesting question - one I don't have a ready answer to. I'll posit it to our marketing folks and see what they say.

Steve - Intel Developer Support
sblionel wrote:
Ok, I see what you are getting at. You are thinking about renewing your existing Standard license for $200 in the future. Interesting question - one I don't have a ready answer to. I'll posit it to our marketing folks and see what they say.

Hi Steve,

Any feedback yet from your marketing group? Again, the concern is whether I can get IMSL without locking myself in to the higher annual renewal fee.


"If you purchase Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition and install the IMSL libaries, you may develop an application using IMSL and an any language you like - it does not have to be Fortran. The IMSL libraries do have a dependency on the Intel Fortran run-time libraries."

I got this from VNI:

"The IMSL Fortran version bundled with the Intel Visual Fortran compiler can
only be used with that compiler. The library nature of IMSL requires a
specific port to each individual compiler."

Am I right in assuming that if I get the IVF-specific IMSL DLL then I can use it with VC++ 6, for example, so long as the IVF rtl is accessible?

Also, Programmers Paradise Canada have catalog listings for IVF 8 Std and Pro, but not for an upgrade from Std 8 to Pro 8. Does this product have an Intel part/kit number or, even better, can it ordered directly from Intel?

Gerry T.

Here's the Programmer's Paradise link to the IVF Std-Pro upgrade. It is not available from Intel.

Yes, you should be able to use the IMSL DLL from C++ assuming the IVF DLLs are available.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Is there any Professional trial Edition? I have tried the Standard trial Edition and found it doesn't compatible with CVF6.6 fully. I don't know whether the Professional Edition has solved the problem.

Zhanghong Tang

There is no trial of the Professional Edition. The only difference between that and the Standard Edition is the added IMSL libraries - the compiler and all else is identical.

If you're having compatibility issues, please let us know at Intel Premier Support - it is probably something we can help you with (or something fixed in an update.)

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks for the link. Having placed the order I get the instructions:

"The end-customer needs to go to and
register the PURCHASE AUTH. SERIAL # to receive the product licensing
information - license key, FTP address site, install instructions - from Intel."

Said Registration Center has a login button which when clicked responds with the '403 Forbidden: Access Denied' blather.

What to do?

Gerry T.

You need to first create an account, if you don't already have an Intel Premier Support or Registration Center account. That is done by starting in the "New Users" box on that page. Once you create an account, you can manage all your Intel licenses through it - that's also how you get to Intel Premier Support and obtain product updates.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

ROTFL. I have had to create an Intel Premier Support account many times, 8 at a minimum but whose's counting.

It seems that the server was having a siesta when I dropped by and is now supplying the goods. By the size of it it's not merely IMSL but the whole shebang, undoubtedly requiring an inconvienent uninstall, backup, and reinstall.

BTW, how much of Intel Premier Support has been offshored so far?

Gerry T.

Well, yes, it is IMSL and the compiler, but what you can do, if you have a current standard edition is this. Run the EXE to unpack. It will bring you to a web page with TWO install links. Skip the one for the compiler and just install IMSL.

None of Premier Support has been "offshored", in that jobs have not been transferred out of the US. We have expanded local coverage in areas where we have lots of users, such as China and India, and also have support engineers in Germany (but not for Fortran.) We're looking to expand in Japan, as we don't have any local coverage there and need it. There is still a sizeable group in Hillsboro, Oregon, and other support engineers scattered around the US such as myself in New Hampshire. Someone is on duty around the clock, somewhere in the world.

Earlier this month we had a big get-together in Oregon; almost everyone was there and we did a lot of training that week on new technologies.

By the way, patches are coming to Fortran for Windows - in fact, I think the next update will be a patch rather than a full kit.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hi Steve,
Thank you very much for your reply. I don't know how to post my questions to Intel Premier Support. Need I register a user again? In fact, I have posted my questions in this forum:

Zhanghong Tang

Zhanghong ,

Premier Support is not for programming questions, which is what you have asked in the forum here. This forum is the right place for programming questions.

Use Premier Support if you think there is a bug in the compiler product. If you have registered your license with us, you created a Premier Support account at that time. Go to to log in and submit support requests.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks for the info. Installation went without a hitch. Patches are great but can liveupdate be far behind?

IMSL can interact with MKL but I don't see anything in the VNI docs on this. Perhaps it's transparent. I posted this to the MKL forum:

"I'm playing with the trial 6.1 at the moment but I gather that 7 will come in different editions one being 'gold'. What are the rest and how will they differ?"

but there doesn't appear to be anyone at home (that's what got me wondering about offshore support). MKL looks like it's well worth getting.

Gerry T.

I'll see if I can kick the MKL folk under the table... I think it's one of the developers who is supposed to monitor the forum.

I'm at home right now and I forget how one uses MKL with IMSL. I'll find out and let you know.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


I have a question regarding the upgrade. I have CVF 6.6 Pro and I am in the process of upgrading to IVF Pro. I understand I also need to buy standard to get the Visual Studio interface I'm used to have since the Microsoft Fortran Powerstation times.

If I also want to use VB to write GUI's for my fortran number-crunching codes, should I buy standard (which would be enough to write my simple GUI's) or do I need the whole .NET Pro package?

Years ago I used to do mixed-language programming using VB and Fortran and I could nicely have them both under Visual Studio and sort of debug them together. Is this still possible? And if so, do I need .NET Pro or standard and standard are enough?

Hope this is clear enough.


Intel Visual Fortran has no dependencies on VB. Buy whichever edition meets your needs. You will need VC++.NET Standard at a minimum.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Having just returned to a programming project, I checked this site to find out when IFV8 would be available, only to discover that the special $200 upgrade from CVF to Intel Visual Fortran Standard Edition expired 3/31/2004 !!

About 6 months ago when I last looked at the Forum I noted the failure of Intel / Compaq to advise registered users about the release of CVF 6.6C, despite having signed up to receive such messages.

Steve replied (11-18-2003) that they intended to notify users of the release of 6.6C but wanted to leave it until a few weeks after the product was released. He also said that ".... when Intel Visual Fortran is released, we will send a notice to all registered CVF users (who asked to be notified of updates)".

Well I have certainly never had any communication from either organisation re the CVF-IVF upgrade offer, yet I arrive here only to discover that the special pricing has expired more than a month ago.

Not being a full time programmer, I cannot justify constantly coming back to check when the release would be while working on projects totally unrelated to programming, especially since this has been a multi-year saga and Iwas registered to be notified of any new releases.

Till mid-last year I was still receiving messages of the type "Dear valued Compaq Visual Fortran customer, ... You are receiving this message because you are a registered user of Compaq Visual Fortran and asked to receive our newsletter or notices of new releases. This message is being sent by Hewlett-Packard (Compaq) on behalf of Intel." (Alas, none of the messages received related in any way to Fortran).

What are my remaining options & what is the point of bothering to register?


David, I sympathize, really I do. I tried to get the $200 offer extended but was not successful. We were not able to get permission from HP to send to the CVF registered user list and so did the best we could to promote the product in other ways.It had been our intention to send mail to all the registered users who asked for such notices.

I do take issue with your comment about the mailings, as I was the one who sent those out and they ALL dealt with Fortran.

Unfortunately, the discount offer is no longer available.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


My apologies.

I just checked and you are quite correct that the "messages sent by Hewlett-Packard (Compaq) on behalf of Intel" were all Fortran related. I had confused these with later emails that came directly from"Intel Developer Services", none of which mentioned Fortran. Sorry, I should have taken more care.

Still, that puzzles me. It seems I was on theIntel list, which can only have happened when I joined this (Fortran) forum, or that my details came through from HP (sounds unlikely from what you say). So,why did I get pushed stuff on "Intel Mobile Application Architecture Guide" (18/11/2003), "Borland Technical Workshop Series, sponsored by Intel" (4/11/2003), or"Optimization Kits for Intel PXA2xx Processors with Intel XScale Technology" (15/04/2004), butnot beinformed when the CVF > IVF upgrade came? I never wanted the other stuff. As a researchengineer whose only software developmentisuse ofFortran at various times formy work,it was irrelevant & annoying. I get enough spam already.

Although not a fulltime programmer (far from it), Fortran is still very important for the situations where I use it. It is frustrating that the one bit of advice I needed (& was awaiting) never came - especially since only about a month beforehand, I understood I had assurance that ".... when Intel Visual Fortran is released, we will send a notice to all registered CVF users ..."? That was despite apparently being "an Intel Developer Services member" and "a registered user of Compaq Visual Fortran". I just wanted to know about significant developments related to Fortran.


Incidently, the 15/04/2004newsletter was stillreferring to"Intel C++ Compiler 7.1". No suggestion of an upgrade to v8 in that email, yet it appears C++ has also been upgraded to v8 (presumably at a similar time to the Fortran upgrade?).

Another puzzle (given the lack of"permission from HP to send to the CVF registered user list") is that at least someearlier "messages sent by Hewlett-Packard (Compaq) on behalf of Intel" were related to Intel products such as "VTune Performance Analyzer" (16/05/2003).


You're referring to several different things. When you registered for this forum with Intel Developer Services, you indicated interest in various topics, but there is no connection there regarding your being a CVF user and IDS didn't send announcements about Intel Visual Fortran. That's something we'll look into for the future.

Thanks for the note about the IDS newsletter referring to an old compiler version. I'll look into that.

The story about HP is complicated, and I can't get into too many details here. All I can say is that things were going well until the time approached for the IVF release, when, as had been informally agreed earlier, HP would stop selling CVF and would promote IVF. Then they had a change of heart (possibly because that would mean giving up a revenue stream.) Things went downhill from there... All of us at Intel are upset by this, as we wanted to make the transition smooth and let the CVF users know about the new version.

David, if you'd send me e-mail at so I have your contact information, I'd appreciate it.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

I have seen mention that is required to link the latest version of visual fortran.

Is it certain that Vc++ 5.0 with visual studi 97 cannot work?


Yes, it's certain. You may find this topic of interest, however.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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