"Array Viewer for End Users" request

"Array Viewer for End Users" request

The Array Viewer & Visualizer provides a lot of functionality for creating application-specific visualization solutions and the viewer provides some built-in UI capabiltiies for end-users, (non programmers), to customize and manipulate plots. Currently, however, a lot of the Visualizer' capabilities are not, (or not easily), accessible to end users through the Viewer UI.

We have an application that provides command line plotting capabilities, (www.omatrix.com), and we are using Array Visualizer to export data created in our application to the Array Viewer for the added benefit of interactive plot manipulation. As such we encourage enhancements that support end-user-oriented plot customization.

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Thanks for the comments.

Our initial priority in developing Array Visualizer has been to make it useful as a developer tool. From the first release (with Intel Fortran 7.0) to the upcoming version bundled with IVF 8.1 there have been a lot of changes in the programming model (new APIs, new controls, changes in the object model), while the Viewer UI hasn't changed that much.

Go forward, I think the programming model will be fairly stable, and weshould be able to devote more time in addingfunctionality tothe Viewermaking the UI more intuitive.


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