Wow, EMT64 Win 8.1, a couple questions

Wow, EMT64 Win 8.1, a couple questions

I know the readme says use WinSrv2003 1218 ext64 (supported), but would WinXPPro 64 build 1218 ext64 also work?

How about using the PlarformSrv2003 SDK SP1 build 1218 instead of the old Oct 2003 one?

I can't wait to try this compiler! Thanks, Ian

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Hasn't been tested on XP 64 - at all. Let me know how it works for you.

The newer SDK should work ok, but I'm not sure if we've tried it yet.

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Other experts here at Intel have recommended the SDK 1218; it may be needed for projects which involve C.
While the Server OS is the one on which compiler validation was based, we are counting on the XP OS. I have tried it with ifort myself, to a limited extent. Microsoft says there is commonality between the 64-bit Server and XP, unlike the 32-bit situation.

Whoa, it works! Win XP Pro x64 build 1218, and the SDK 1218 in the same location at MSDN subscriber downloads.

It warms my heart to run a program with 6 gigs memory usage.

As an aside, like Steve L. has said, at home I have one of those "other" x64 chips, and it works on it. Now, where is that capex order form for my dual Nacoma with 8 gigs ram, and what is my boss's favourite beverage :)

Great job guys, thanks, Ian.

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