Watch allocatable user defined type in module

Watch allocatable user defined type in module

I read some of the posts but I did not find the answer to my question.
I have problems watching allocatable user defined type arrays by watch window and I do not know how to investigate the values except printing.
Does someone find a solution?
More details:

I have a module like this:

MODULE Tentative

TYPE VectorType
REAL :: x, y, z
END TYPE VectorType

TYPE(VectorType), ALLOCATABLE :: var

READ(UnitDat,*,ERR=991) NN

In the watch window I have tried to type Tentative::var(1)%X but I get unreasonable values like 4.667..E-39 but if I print var(1)%X from the main procedure I get the right value.

Thanks for the helps,


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This is (I believe acknowledged) bug in IVF debugger, which has been thoroughly discussed here recently. There's no (sensible) workaround I know of (except using print statements, or using a temporary scalar variable of type(xyz)and copy the contents into it -- none of which is particularly appealing).


Does Intel recognize this IVF bug?
I am using IVF 8 under Microsoft VS.NET 2003

Yes, it is being investigated.

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So... Doesa solution exist?
or the only way it works is todowngrade my new pc to Compaq VF 6.6C?


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I don't know of a workaround - sorry.

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