"not enough storage ...." on xp

"not enough storage ...." on xp

I've got a rather large program that will build and compile without errors or warnings. However, when I go to run the resulting executable, I get the following error
"Not enough storage is available to process this command"

I'm running with CVF 6.6a with 1024 mb RAM, over 100GB free space on hard drive, WinXP pro w/SP2, and I've already increased my virtual memory to it's max of 3072 MB.

Anyone have ideas as to the cause of the error? There are some related errors on msdn, but they mostly deal with a similar error of "not enough server storage..." that does not apply to my project.


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That particular error is more likely to be caused by a corrupted EXE.

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thanks for your reply. Actually, the error was due to overestimating the stack size. The stack reserve had been set to 2000MB on another machine, and had run just fine, so I stuck with that value when compiling on my own machine. When I started to REDUCE the stack reserve, the program would run. The threshold value turned out to be 1871 MB...the program would run with a stack reserve < 1870MB, but would get the "not enough storage..." error if the stack reserve was set to be 1871MB or more. I'm not sure why the threshold is that particular value, though.

Stack allocation reserve is set in project -> settings -> Link (output category)

I'm astonished 2000MB worked. That's essentially 2GB, which is the process virtual address space limit.

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