reading fron CSV files

reading fron CSV files

Saving an xls file in csv format "Looks" like it only writes a text file with comma delimited fields.
However, (at least using cvf 6.6) when this file is opened and read, as with:


given that using a text editor that the line is somehting like

on debug of the above, ONLY the first token is stored in the variable Line.

Arethere hidden characters in csv files which trick a simple read? or...?

Any hints will be appreciated.

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Don't use list-directed input for this. An unquoted character value will end at the first delimiter - the comma in this case. Use (A) format instead.

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Yes I just discoverd that.
I would swear that I've done this zillions of times and it was not a problem.

This is what heppens when scatterbrain people program in many different languages. Can't keep any of it straight!!


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