Warning when passing hexadecimal constants to a QWIN function

Warning when passing hexadecimal constants to a QWIN function

I get a warning message when I pass a hexadecimal number to a QWIN function:

call setlinestyle(#FFFF)

I tried the alternative syntax (Z'FFFF') but get the same warning:

D:sfpintel9ds_phiaxisparm.for(108) : Warning: The data type of the actual argument does not match the definition. [Z'FFFF']
call setlinestyle(Z'FFFF')

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This issue is mentioned in the 9.0 release notes - the compiler used to be quiet about a mismatch between the argument type and what was declared in the interface, but now it properly complains. This does pose a problem for hex constants as you can't specify the integer "kind" and values such as #FFFF are out of range for the INT function.

Two options I can suggest:

1. Declare a PARAMETER constant of the correct kind, such as:


and use that in the call.

2. Use the TRANSFER intrinsic such as:

call setlinestyle(TRANSFER(Z'FFFF',0_2))

We recognize that this causes problems for some users and are thinking about ways to mitigate it.

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No problem, I'll do that. However, I'm not sure what you mean by "values such as #FFFF are out of range for the INT function" - this is two bytes, just what integer*2 requires? How is defining it via a parameter any different?

Incidentally I get a similar warning when I pass an expression as the argument, as in:
call setlinestyle(14+12*(i-1))

(not sure of the exact expression as I'm at home now - will check at work Thursday)


The argument to setlinestyle is INTEGER(2). The value #FFFF is INTEGER(4), and would overflow if converted to the signed INTEGER(2) datatype.

Similarly, your expression is INTEGER(4), which does not match the INTEGER(2) type of the argument.

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