A new IVF update, w_fc_c_9.0.019 is (I think) now available from Intel Premier Support file downloads. A list of bug fixes should be available in a separate README.TXT file. The ability to view PARAMETER constants in the debugger is new in this update - a recompile is required to get this.

A few notes:

1. Unlike previous versions, you don't have to go through a separate uninstall step. When the installer screen comes up with the various component choices, it will say "Modify" for those you already have installed. Click on the appropriate Modify button to install the update.

2. Please do not install the Array Visualizer update in this package, it is broken.

3. The compiler update may give you a message that the IDE requires the compiler, and do you want to proceed uninstalling the C++ compiler. Tell it to proceed anyway.

4. If you have the Professional Edition, you install this update to get all the components other than IMSL. There is no IMSL update available at this time.

5. CTRL-F7 to compile now works.

I recommend installing this update - it contains about a month and a half of fixes.

Steve - Intel Developer Support
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>PARAMETER constants in the debugger is new

Thank-you! I've watched my developers take perfectly good parameters and "promote" them to variables just to see their values.

Things are getting very good indeed. Ian.

Yep, this feature was overdue. Is'nt the original idea of a parameter constant to give a value a name so you dont need to remember the value itself?

Anyway, thanks to the intel compiler guys for implementing it!

Lorri, take your bow....

Steve - Intel Developer Support

What is package w_cc-c_9.0.020? This is also up in the downloads area and the description looks very like the one for .019.

I really wish the descriptions would be more obvious when we are downloading 250MB or so for an update.


Just downloaded it:: C compiler at the wrong location


I guess that should have been my guess (cc) but the description says "Fortran Compiler". how confusing.


A customer and I saw that this morning, and I submitted a problem report.

Eek - I had not heard of that issue yet. Sorry for the confusion.

w_fc = Windows Fortran Compiler
w_fcp = Windows Fortran Compiler Professional Edition (has IMSL)
w_cc = Windows C Compiler

If you have the Pro edition, you use the w_fc_ updates until a new w_fcp kit is issued.

The _c_ after the above compiler identifier means "continuous release" - that is - update. But these are all self-sufficient packages.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

A semi-confusing problem when I did install the new update.

It found the previous installation of V9 and uninstalled it -- ok.
Went ahead and installed the new one (I think). I say I think because it gave a message something to the effect:

installation cannot continue at the end of the process. Sorry, I can't remember the exact message.

But I can still compile. The version from the about box says :

Version 9.0.2713.2003

Is there something I should do?


Two steps forward, one step back.
I just managed to compile most projects in debug mode with /warn: interfaces /gen-interfaces under IVF 9.0.018 and now after installation of this update I am faced with an internal compiler error for my major project. Sad enough I am not allowed to send this project to premier support, so I have to switch of /gen-interfaces and hope that the problem gets resolved in a future update. There was another problem related to /gen-interfaces (LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _MAIN__ referenced in function _main) in another project that i will submit to premier support. Hopefully the two problems are related.



Yes, there does seem to be a problem with /gen-interfaces in this version. I've submitted two reports already, with the symptoms you noted. I recommend turning that option off for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Linda, I don't recognize that issue. If it was the VS.NET integration, uninstall that and reinstall.

You determine the compiler version by doing an ifort/what from the command line, or looking in the file docs/notes/fsupport.txt. The version you gave was the VS.NET integration support.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

ifort/what appears to be telling me:

C:Program FilesIntelCompilerFortran9.0IA32Bin>ifort/what
Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 9.0 Build 20050430Z Package ID: W_FC_P_9.0.018

so, i guess it has not installed the .019 update?


Tried installing again, here's what I'm getting (somewhat truncated):

V9 -- shows installed.

Setup: Setup found another version. Chose yes to uninstall that one.

IDE depends on Compiler and is installed locally, would you like to continue to remove the C++ compiler. (Yes/No)
Chose: No

Dialog box: Another version of this product is already installed. Installation cannot continue.

All the time, this is showing as it's installing the Visual Fortran Compiler.

Looks like that's what I downloaded:

W_FC_C_9[1].0.019 -- this could be the C compiler? arrrrrrrgh.


Ok, I uninstalled the Fortran compiler from the Add/Remove programs and it asks me if I want to continue to uninstall the c++ compiler! This time I said yes and am trying the package install again.

This time it appears to be working so it is the confusing message that is somehow on there that thinks it's uninstalling the c++ compiler from the previous version?

NOW, it thinks I have the .019 update installed.


Do it again, this time select Yes when it asks if you want to uninstall the "C++ compiler". (That's an error in the message that I noted earlier.) What happened is that you told it not to uninstall the old version, so it could not install the new.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

As you see by my last message, I sort of figured it out when I uninstalled from Add/Remove and got that message.


And yes, I see you had told us that in the beginning. Sorry.



At least one more thing is amiss with /gen-interfaces in 9.0.019. (Like Walter, I did find ways to side-step the ICE's in the initial 9.0 release.)

Something changed in 9.0.019, and now I get internal compiler errors if /gen-interfaces is in effect for routines having multiple entry points. I have logged this with Premier Support.

I suspect one more thing is wrong with /gen-interfaces, and if I can prove it I will submit it.

This is a new feature. Ultimately it will be very valuable. So it's worth a little time and frustration to provide feedback. A lot of good things are happening with IVF. Intel seems to really understand what the community needs to move forward and seems to be committed to doing it. I just worry that they won't be able to fund a sustained effort at the current IVF pricepoint.

Please do keep the suggestions and problem reports coming (though I can hope that the latter aren't necessary very often!) And we appreciate your kind words - we are certainly working hard to develop products that people want to use.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


I've noticed that the README (change log) files for the 9.0 builds don't appear in the "What's New" feature of Premier Support. Is this a deliberate decision? Having the change log easily accessible (rather than having to search all downloads) would make it easier to evaluate whether it is worth downloading a new build or not.


I know there is an attempt to streamline the "What's New" - adding the READMEs there would double its size. I'll discuss this with the team and see if we can come up with a compromise.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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