_for__desc_ret_item (for_desc_item.obj)

_for__desc_ret_item (for_desc_item.obj)

We are preparing to convert a large application (a main and 88 DLLs: mixed Fortran, C++, and Fortran/C++) from CVF to IVF. In preparation, we have profiled the application to see how it is working under CVF. One specific system routine (_for__desc_ret_item) is taking about 15% of total CPU time. Can you tell us what that routine is, and if that type of usage is reasonable? We don't know if this indicates a problem in the code or not.

Steve Chapman

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This routine is used internally by the run-time library to get the next item in an I/O list. I'd be suspicious that it is really taking that much time - the routine is rather simple.

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