warning LNK4084: total image size -2127101952 exceeds max (268435456)

warning LNK4084: total image size -2127101952 exceeds max (268435456)

When I declare a array of size REAL PNEW(10240*1024*51), it gives menegative image size. I do need a large size of array for very fine meshed computation. My question is since Intel Fortran 9.0 support 64-bit, I recently got a DELL PRECISION 380 (I think it is a 64-bit machine, correct me if I am wrong), my currentOS is windows 2000, do you think I need to upgrade to Windows XP-64 OS in order to be able to declare a large size of array which 64-bit machine can handle.Thanks.

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You are correct - you have exceeded the 2GB address space limit of 32-bit Windows and moving to Windows x64 will certainly help. Some caveats, though:

- You may have device drivers and system utilities such as antivirus programs that will not support Windows x64
- Even Windows x64 does not support static code and data sizes exceeding 2GB. You will need to switch these large arrays to be ALLOCATABLE and then allocate them to be the desired size at run-time.

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If I use ALLOCATE to declare array, under windows 2000 I still cannot use large size of array. Do you mean if I use ALLOCATE in windows xp-64, I can exceed the 2G limit. I doubt my company will allow me to use xp-64 if antivirus doesn't work. I am deciding if I should migrate to xp-64.

Thank you for so much for your help.

Yes, I meant that you both have to change to Windows x64 and use allocatable arrays in order to have arrays larger than 2GB.

I did not say that "antivirus would not work", but you need to make sure that the software you need is available on Windows x64. Now that it is released, things have improved in that regard, but you may find you need to purchase new copies or versions of existing software.

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Thanks. I think VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i will function properly.

Note also that you will need to use the "EM64T" version of our compiler and that if you want to use it within the Visual Studio IDE, you'll need VS2005 and our version 9.1 (to be released VERY soon.)

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Wow, that was soon (as opposed to Real Soon Now .)


It'sreally nice to have 9.1. However Visual Studio 2005 is pretty expensive now:) comparing with 2003.

Does 9.0 support EM64T cpu for 64-bit computing? Do we have to use VS05 in order to let 9.1 run.


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9.0 supports EM64T, but with command line development only.

VS2005 Standard Edition retails for $249.

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