Intel Visual Fortran 9.1 Now Available

Intel Visual Fortran 9.1 Now Available

Intel Visual Fortran 9.1 for Windows* is now available. New features include:

- Support for Microsoft* Visual Studio 2005

- Improved run-time performance optimizations

- Support for additional features from Fortran 2003

- Optimizations to enhance performance on the new Intel Core and Intel Core 2 processors

Please see the product release notes for further details.

Customers can download the new version from Intel Premier Support at no additional charge. (Downloads through Intel Premier Support will be available later today.) FTP downloads are available through the following links:

- Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 9.1 for Windows - Standard Edition

- Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 9.1 for Windows - Professional Edition

You must have a current support license to install the version 9.1 compiler.

Please report any problems with the 9.1 compiler to Intel Premier Support.

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

I looked for a link to download release notes but couldn't find one. Can you point us at it?

You'll have to wait for it to be posted to Premier Support. Or download the package and the release notes are inside. I expect Premier Support to have the files later today. There will also be an IA-32 only subset package which is smaller.

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Release notes are now available from Premier Support.

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IA-32-only smaller package is now on Premier.

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What is the relationship with 9.0? As 9.0 users what we can do with the new 9.1?

It's .1 better!

Seriously, read the release notes - they'll tell you what's new. The biggie for Windows users is VS2005 support. There's also improved optimization and a new optimization mode for the upcoming Intel Core 2 processors. Oh, and uninitialied variable checking now works in any application type and not just when run under the VS debugger.

But more to the point is that 9.0 is no more - 9.1 replaces it. So you can consider 9.1 as the next series of maintenance updates to 9.0. If you are a 9.0 user with a current support license, then you can download and install 9.1. We don't license by version but by "support date".

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The new option
(conservative optimization without so much performance loss) is another important one.

From the URL, some of us got what may be the "professional" version, which supports IMSL, and will not install with our licenses. On, the standard version is available, both in a 32-bit Windows only variety, and a 3-architecture version.

Is there a list of resolved issues? The release notes say to look for a file called w_fc_p_9.1.xxx_README but I can't find it.


The Professional Edition should be posted to Premier soon, as will the README.

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I edited the initial post to correct the FTP download links. The one for the Standard Edition was getting you a Professional Edition download. The links are now correct (I hope!)

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I downloaded both the C++ 9.1 and Fortran 9.1 full packages. On XP 64 (Dell dual-core x86) , the C++ installer worked perfectly. But the fortran installer hangs/stalls at launch - no dialog comes up.

I rebooted the machine to no avail. Same problem. Start the installer, and it is visible in the task manager but you do not get the initial install screen.

The workaround was to go to the ia32 area of the expanded installer ( in Intel/Download) and run Setup.exe from there directly.

Please report the problem to Intel Premier Support.

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Will do...

I guess I'm just stuck.

I tried to install 9.1 and end up with no error messages, but it doesn't actually ever seem to integrate into any of the versions of visual studio I have available.

I try to go search the release notes, but they seem to be at and even after clearing cookies I can't get there.

The release notes are unpacked into C:Program FilesIntelDownloadIntelFortranCompiler91 You want the Installation Guide which is also there. There are also links to these from the first install screen.

My guess is that you missed the warning that the 9.0 compiler integration was still installed. Please remove it from Add/Remove Programs and try again.

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As usual your guess was a good one.

Thank you Steve.

Out of curiosity, why is current version numbered 9.1.024? I'd expect either 03x if numbering were continued from 9.0, or something like 00x if it were restarted. 024 is neither here nor there...

The numbering carries on from the 9.1 beta compiler sequence, with a majority of the numbers not seeing the light of day.

I must be stupid or blind or both :)

I keep seeing references to a separately-downloadable README and release notes, but I can't find them!

Besides the problem of not working while a forum browser session is open, I agree with you, I see only the notes associated with 8.1 and 9.0 updates.

I see in the Premier list, which is the release notes. The README is not yet available.

I've had other customers report the conflict between the forum and Premier, though it doesn't give me a problem. I have asked both site support teams to investigate.

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Ah- now I see where files come from! I found the README, thanks.

Hi,I have been trying to install the IVF 9.1, and it seems that I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is. Before installing it, I removed the VS integration and uninstalled the IVF 9.0.30 (including the debugger).During the installation of the IVF 9.1, when it launches the setup for the VS integration (after installing both the compiler and the debugger), an error dialog states that an IVF compiler must be installed in order to perform the integration.After that I proceeded to uninstall IVF 9.1 and re-installed the 9.0.30 and everything went OK (running, debugging, compiling, etc.) Then I removed just the VS integration, without uninstaling the IVF 9.0 compiler, and proceeded to install the IVF 9.1 compiler. The error dialog didn't appear during the VS integration, but when I open the VS, IVF is not integrated (although the integration is included in the list of currently installed programs at the control panel).Finally, I uninstalled both IVF versions, reinstalled the VS and tried everything again, with the same results.Now, what am I doing wrong?My OS is WinXP and the IDE is VS2003.

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I had this exact same problem, see this post of mine here in the C++ forum:

This is apparently a registry problem. Some part of the install is looking for keys under the HKLM branch while other parts write only to HKCU. By copying the relevant "trees" of keys under HKCU to HKLM I was able to get it working.

I uninstalled 9.0 completely before I did the work around just to make sure there was no interference between versions, but I left 8.x alone and the integration appears to see that fine.


Hi again,By copying the string values from HKEY_CURRENT_USER to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, as suggested by Richard, the setup dialog for the VS integration now shows actual optionsunder Custom Install, and the integration is complete.Thanks.John.

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So I'm having problems with the new IVF 9.1 compiler, i'm running it on win 2k3 server x64 and I am trying to integrgate it to VS 2005 december 2005 release, now the IA32 IVF compiler integrates just fine, but I cannot seem to make a target build for EM64T, anyone managed to build 64 bit via vs 2005? If so how did you get VS to recognize the 64 bit compiler?

Appreciate The help

Read the Building Applications manual section on selecting a target configuration. The procedure is not obvious. Note that if you have VS2005 Professional Edition or higher, you have to do a custom install of VS and ask for the x64 libraries. This is called out in the Fortran installation guide. Oddly, this is not required if you use VS2005 Standard Edition!

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The following message applies to users of the Standard Edition of Intel Visual Fortran.

Due to an error on our FTP website for the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*, it is possible you downloaded the following incorrect "Professional Edition" self-extracting installation .exe:


If you hold a Standard Edition product license, and your attempts to install this 9.1 compiler produce error messages for "invalid serial number" or "invalid license", the most likely cause is you have an incorrect version of the compiler. Please check whether the name of your download file includes letters "fcp"; if so, you have downloaded an incompatible version of the compiler for your product license. This version will only install for license holders of the "Professional Edition" of the compiler.

To successfully install the 9.1 compiler, you need to download and install the following "Standard Edition" self-extracting installation .exe:


Please note the "fc" instead of the "fcp" in the file name.

You may download the correct version from Premier Support, or from the corrected FTP website for the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*:

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Sorry, we won't be able to provide the usual README.txt for the 9.1 product release. The automated mechanism we use to construct this is broken at present and it seems that some of the correlation data has been lost. We're working to fix this process for the future and apologize for the inconvenience.

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Worked like a charm, thanks a bunch!j.v.

I received the email message about the "invalid serial number" error message if you attempt to install professional if your license is for standard, and I had received the error message when I attempted to install the professional version I downloaded. The thing is... I have a license for the professional version! I ended up solving the problem by using the "manual license file installation" method.

You can get this problem if you try to install the Professional edition when you still have a valid evaluation license on the system.

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I don't believe that I ever installed the evaluation version on that machine. Even so, it had the V 9.0 of professional previously installed. It didn't make sense to me since I hadn't deleted the license file when I uninstalled V 9.0 before trying to install 9.1 professional. It just wouldn't accept the typed serial number.

If you were using a serial number obtained for version 9.0, that would indeed not be accepted. The expectation is that you had a license file on the system already. If not, then you did the right thing by getting the license file and installing it manually.

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Well, that all makes sense then. I didn't realize the number was keyed to 9.0 specifically and thought that it would work with 9.1 as well. Live and learn!

The install should have "recommended" that you use the existing license, if it found it. I agree it is confusing if you are installing on a new system and the serial number does not work.

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If I upgrade from Fortran 9.0 Standard directly to Fortran 9.1.025 Standard will I also have to upgrade from Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2005?

No, 9.1 works fine with VS 2003.

Is it true that VS2005 is extremly slow compared to VS2003?

I'm a bit confused about the installers.We have purchasedsome Professional licenses since we need the IMSL and I would like to be sure that I have downloadet and installed the right files.The w_fc_c_9.1.025_IA32.exe gives me the latest version of compiler, debugger and VS2005 plug-in.And these do not come in different versions for the Standard and Professional editions (don't want to miss anything we've paid for;-). Is that correct?To get the latest version of the IMSLI need to download the W_FCP_P_9.1.024.exe and only install the IMSL part since the compiler, debugger and VS2005 plug-in has been updated in the installer mentioned above. Is that correct?Cheersspvange

spvange, that is correct. Because IMSL is so large and doesn't get updated frequently, we don't provide separate updates for the Professional Edition. The method you describe will work fine.

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What was the prior update to IMSL over W_FCP_P_9.1.024.exe and what precisely are the differences between them? The reason I ask is that I haven't installed W_FCP_P_9.1.024.exe IMSL but its predecessor appears to play well with W_FCP_P_9.1.025.exe.


Gerry T.

We got a completely rebuilt IMSL library for VNI with the 9.1 release. The older version was compiled with the initial 9.0 compiler and had some bugs related to array passing. I strongly recommend installing the newer version. VNI has not told us of specific bug fixes they made.

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How does one obtain customer suport on Intel products? I am trying to install Intel Visual fortran 9.1 and can't get product to work with the MS visual studio 2005. all i get is a command line prompt.the web site is useless with so many circular references and just plain junk.What software to i have to buy to get the intel product to work as well as the Compaq product? Why can't Intel package everything on the software distribution. With most of your fortran customers being engineers a web site geared for programmers is useless.

Support is done through Intel Premier Support. See this overview page for more details. You must register for support first.

If you installed Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, then you would get command-line support only. Full IDE integration requires VS 2005 Standard Edition or higher. This is clearly stated in the Installation Guide and System Requirements.

When we first launched Intel Visual Fortran, Microsoft had changed the rules for VS licensing that precluded a CVF-like solution. At the time, it didn't seem so bad as the prerequisite MS product was only $100. (Now $250.)

We're in talks with Microsoft about this now, but it is evident that no matter what we do, some functionality will be missing as MS is insisting that it cannot be separated from the Visual C++ product. It would also likely entail a higher price due to royalties. (I'm hoping it isn't the $300 premium another vendor charges for less functionality than we offer.) I also don't expect to see anything change in this regard until 2007 at the earliest.

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Steve,I have registered for Intel Premium Support and if i could get installation supportfrom the link you gave meI would have.Is the Standard edition of Microsoft Visual C++the only package i need to buy and install to use your Fortran package from a gui front end like the CVF package?ad

If you can find a copy of Microsoft Visual C++.NET 2003 (or 2002) Standard Edition, that will do fine. Try to get the 2003 version as we may drop support for the 2002 version next year. Otherwise, you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition (or higher).

If you are having a problem with the Intel Premier Support web site, please report the web site problem here.

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So, if IMSL 9.0 is blithely toodling along for me with IVF 9.1 then I'm in paradise, fool's or otherwise. I'd never entrust IMSL to do anything without independent corroboration of its output,whatever it's vintage. But thanks for the response, worth pondering.


Gerry T.


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