at the moment I have some problem with writing a file in a special format. The original typical lines, allegedly on a PC but could be a different compiler, looks like these:

-229 1 1.01802952E-03 60.0000000 -9.32892486E-02 0.00000000E+00
-93 24 1.10837603E-02 1030.80005 -0.444472462 7.12094307

With IVF compiler, same code, same format, I get

-229 1 1.0180390E-03 60.00000 -9.3300067E-02
-93 24 1.1083824E-02 1030.800 -0.4444780

which fits to the Intel Fortran Language Reference. Following the reference, the list-directed sequential write statement handles variables like

INTEGER(4) --> I12
REAL(4) --> G15.7E2

That means IVF fills the rest of the I12 and G15.7E2 with spaces and aligns the values to the right. While in the original file it does not. That produces problems when reading this file. Does anyone know a way to change the output so that it fits to the original output? Or do I have to change the READ-format for reading this file?

Well damn it, spaces are not shown here like I pasted them.Just took screenshots to show:

Original: http://img80.imageshack.us/my.php?image=alfredagroriginal4vw.gif

New: http://img80.imageshack.us/my.php?image=alfredagrneu6by.gif

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just ignore my question. In the meantime it has become clear that the READ is flexible enough to accept the different number of spaces between the values.

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The exact format of list-directed output is highly implementation dependent. The standard specifies the particular edit descriptor type to use, but allows the implementation to choose values for w, d and e, as well as when to start new records.

List-directed input is extremely forgiving, especially regarding spacing. Be careful of character items, though - if you use list-directed output, you should open the file with DELIM= to specify 'QUOTE' or 'APOSTROPHE' to cause the strings to be delimited, otherwise you are likely to get errors on input.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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