I am using IVF 9.1 on IA-32 Windows XP.

When I started Visual Studio 2005 and clicked on Help Intel
Fortran Compiler Help and typed in the keyword !MS$, the section Syntax Rules
for Compiler Directives appeared. Under the sentence

The following prefix forms can be used in place of cDEC$ cDIR$
or !MS$.

I could not find any following prefix forms.

I compiled a routine, which was borrowed from some other
place. There are many




statements. IFORT gave me warnings : This directive is not
standard F95.

Should I have !MS$ replaced by !DEC$?


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You don't need to change the directive prefix, though !DEC$ (with a space after the $) is the preferred syntax. You'll get the warning anyway because you asked for F95 standards checking and directives are statement extensions.

The prefixes allowed are !DEC$, !MS$ and !DIR$. In fixed-form source, the ! can be replaced with C or *.

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Thank you.

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