Admin Priviledges, OLE Remote Procedure Call

Admin Priviledges, OLE Remote Procedure Call

I am currently running on Microsoft XP.

Recently, I had some computer problems. In the end, our tech team needed to re-install Compaq Visual Fortran (6.6). The re-instalation seemed to procede just fine. The application starts as usual. I can compile, link, andexecute programs as usual.

However, now I cannot debug either new or existing applications. Whenever I try to step into a subroutine, I get the error message:

Administrator Priviledges required for OLE Remote Procedure Call debugging: this feature will not work.......

So far, I have not found a help guide which explains what this particular error message means. What is going on, and how do we fix it? Note thatour tech guys are loathe to grant blanket administrator priviledges.

Thanks for any help.

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Run the "Per-User Setup" item in the CVF program group.

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Thankyou for your quick response.

I tried running the per-user setup program as you suggested. It did not work. The per-user setup program appeared to run. The program first gives a warning message about making sure that Developer Studio is closed. The second and final message I received was "User setup complete" So, I presume the program ran as it should. Just to be sure, I rebooted. But no luck. I still get "Administrator Priviledges required or OLE Remote Procedure..."

Do you have any other suggestions?

FYI -- more diagnostic information. In my CVF applications, I can still set and gotobreakpoints, and examine the values of variables in my application. If I am in a Disassemble Window, I can step from command to command (line to line). It appears that only when I am in a regular program window that I cannot step from line to line.

Well, try this as an alternate but if it doesn't work I have nothing else to offer.

Solution: Using a text editor such as NOTEPAD, create a text file called RPCE.REG containing the following two lines:



Make sure that the file has three lines - the last line starts with "[HKEY" and ends with "Enabled]". It may appear as multiple lines on this web page.

From an account which can modify the registry, double-click on this file and allow Windows to enter the key into the registry. You should now be able to use the step-over function from all accounts

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Your registry solution worked like a charm. Muchas Grasias

Hi, Mr Steve, i'm using Compaq Visual Fortran 6, and i meet the same problem during debug:
Administrator Priviledges required for OLE Remote Procedure Call debugging: this feature will not work

i tried using the registry, but it seems cant work, and i have look for others suggestion through online, most of the suggestions are window 7 HP cannot support Compaq Visual Fortran 6, too old version, is it true?

Yes, it is true. Either change to Intel Visual Fortran, which does support WIndows 7, or install the "XP Mode" virtual machine, free from Microsoft if you have the "Professional" or higher edition of Windows 7. You can continue to use CVF in XP Mode.

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