"Build Log" Location

"Build Log" Location


In the project settings, is there a way to specify the location of the Build Log (BuildLog.htm)? What about changing the name of this file?


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I'm not aware of a way to specify or change this. The log is placed in the "intermediate output" folder for the configuration (typically Release or Debug).

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In the Property Pages of the project, there are two separate directories (under "Configuration Properties...General): "Output Directory" and "Intermediate Directory". I'm not sure which you meant when you said "Intermediate Output", but it looks like the real one that controls where the BuildLog.html goes is the "Output Directory".

I was hoping to get around the limitation of not being able to directly specify where the log file goes by playing around with the "Supported Build Macros", but it looks like the "Output Directory" and the "Intermediate Directory" do not accept these macros. Do you know if that's a bug or if they're supposed to not accept the macros?

Thanks again.

Right, it's Output Directory. Output Directory itself defines a macro, $(OUTPUT). This is all Visual Studio stuff not under our control, you may want to peruse the Microsoft documentation on using VS to see if there's something there for you.

Perhaps I don't understand your last post - you can change the output directory. How would you use build macros here?

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Sorry for being unclear. What I meant is that I was hoping to use the build macros such as $(SolutionDir)$(ConfigurationName) to set the "Output Directory". But when I tried that I found that VS did not expand those macros, it just used them as literal strings.

You weren't unclear - I don't know why VS doesn't recognize macros there.

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