"cannot open dfor.lib" error at link time

"cannot open dfor.lib" error at link time

In a project migrated from CVF everything compiles OK but the above error is received at link time. Also "problem during multi-file optimization computation (code 1)" . Dfor.lib is on the computer, butamong the oldMicrosoft visual studio filesDF98LIB files, which seems strange. If I add it to the project the error becomes "cannot open dfconsol.lib". When I add that I getalarge numberof errors of the type "LNK2005:_ clearscreen already defined in ifconsol.lib(for_m_console.obj)". Why this strange mix of old and new VF files?

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You still have objects or libraries built with CVF. Do not add dfor.lib or the other df libraries to your project. Instead, make sure that all .obj and .lib files that were built with CVF are recompiled with Intel Fortran. You may find that a simple Build..Rebuild Solution works, unless you have added .lib files, in which case they also need to be rebuilt.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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