.NET can not find exe file

.NET can not find exe file


I just installed Intel Fortran 9.0 and .NET. I was able to run the test file "int_sin_fort" from theDOS command line and obtain the right output. This is the test file that comes with the distribution.

ThenIcreated a new solution under .NET that contains the source file "int_sin_fort".

Then I build the project using "Build->Build Solution" under .NET

Then I issue the command "Debug->Start without debugging"

I get the message though that the .exe file can not be found.

I can not at this point resolve this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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My guess is that you did not select a correct project type when creating the project. Try it again and select Intel Fortran..Console Application as the project type.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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