'Invalid structure member' in CVF (IVF?)

'Invalid structure member' in CVF (IVF?)

I ran into a weird error in CVF - not sure if it affects IVF as well. I have data structures involving derived types with derived type components. I was having compilation problems with a public derived type not being defined in parts of the program where it should be accessible. When I look at the derived type components with Watch Variable, I get "Syntax Error" for a value.

When I explicitly enter the sub-component into the watch window, I get a value of "Invalid structure member '[variable name]'.

What the heck is going on, and what is a "invalid structure member"? Does IVF have similar messages?

Strangely, I have a very similar data structure that seems to work fine. When I port the code over to Salford FTN95, it has no problems.


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I'd need to see an example. The error means that the Fortran expression evaluator is unable to understand the information supplied by the compiler for your structure.

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Not sure what happened. I got a clean compile on several other compilers after copying the source over (including Intel Visual Fortran v9.1.032 on Linux, g95, PGI, and Absoft 8.2). After deleting the offending sub-structure, and trying a few things, and typing it back in, it started working all of a sudden.

Go figure....

The problem isn't really related to the compiler's support for syntax, it has to do with the embedded debug info the compiler generates for the benefit of the debugger. I've seen errors in this support many times over the years and over many compilers.

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