Visual Fortran Compiler and Visual Studio Problems

Visual Fortran Compiler and Visual Studio Problems

Ipurchased an academic version of the Visual Fortran Compiler Version 9.1 and I've been having nightmaresgetting itto work with Visual Studio.

It installswith no problems but it neither works with Visual Studio 2005 or VisualStudio.NET 2003. After installing,I try to open a project I previously created using version 9.0 integrated into Visual Studio.NET 2003 and it comes up with an error attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt".

When I try to start a project from scratch, it fails and says "Error in create VFProject". Note: I had an student version 9.0 that worked seamlessly with my VS.NET 2003. I have uninstalled the version 9.0 and also VS.NET 2003 and VS 2005 and reinstalled both VS and tried installing the version 9.1 again and integrating it into VS 2005 without success.

PLEASE HELP. Thanks for a quick response.

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For product support, please file an issue with Intel Premier Support. Be sure to attach screen shots of the errors and the exact version of the compiler you are using. 9.1.037 is current.

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I obtained a copy of Visual fortran Compiler (Standard Edition, for windows* - version 9) from programmer's paradise.

During installation, it says version 9.1 so I don't know the sub version e.t.c

Anyways following a suggestion by one of the support staff, I tried booting my pc on safe mode and I still have the same ugly message when I try to open a fortran project earlier created with version 9.0 integrated into 2003. Even when I try to make a new project using the VS 2005 i get the error I earlier described.

What more do I have to try?


Please continue working this through Intel Premier Support.

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