[newb]do i need Platform SDK for 64 bit vista?

[newb]do i need Platform SDK for 64 bit vista?

Hi --

I have a windows vista 64 here and i just installed the vs2005 and the related sp1 and update for vista.

i am now about to installed the intel fortran compiler 9.1 for windows, the installer told me that "Microsoft Platform SDK" not found.

do i have to install Platform SDK?



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No, you don't. I can think of two reasons you saw this:

1. During the installation of the IA-32 compiler, it also tries to install the compiler for Itanium systems. If you don't have the PSDK installed, it will say so. The message will refer to Itanium systems and you would select the option to not install the Itanium compiler.

2. Unless you have the Standard Edition of VS2005, 64-bit support is not installed by default. Go into Add or Remove Programs, select Visual Studio and then Change/Modify. Add the "x64" option to Visual Studio. Then try reinstalling the Fortran compiler. This issue is mentioned in the compiler Installation Guide.

Please be aware that we have not fully tested 9.1 on Vista, though our informal testing shows it works. Make sure you are using the latest 9.1 and that you have VS2005 to "Run as Administrator" as Microsoft recommends.

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Dear Steve --

Thanks for your reply.

I didnt know that i should check off the Itanium option when intalling the IA32 compiler.

after i checked that option off. (by doing a custom setup) it seems to cruise along to EMT64 now.

it works. thanks.



I'm glad to hear it. You didn't need to do a custom install, though that works. You could simply click on the radio button that says "skip installing the Itanium compiler" when you get to the dialog that complains about the missing PSDK.

In our next version, the Itanium compiler will be a separate install and thus only those who want it will see this question.

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