[newb]fatal error LNK1104 : cannot open file 'ifconsol.lib'

[newb]fatal error LNK1104 : cannot open file 'ifconsol.lib'

Hi All --

Few days ago, i got the IVF 9.1 setup on this vista64 (by steve's help,thanks).

and started to compile our app and see what happened.

now, i have several mixed language (Fortran/C/C++) dsps in the dsw

and happily, all the dsps -> to vcproj and eventually get all libraries from c side. now, i got the linker to throw me this error that it could not find ifconsol.lib.

i had read a similar post by googling it, but not helping too much.

where should i put the path of the ifconsol.lib so that vs2005 will be happy to go and find it?

thanks in advance,


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Tools..Options..Projects..VC++ Directories..Library Files

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Hi all --

ok, i found two ifconsol.lib

one is under the ia32lib and the other is under emt64lib

(i wondered why originally vista's search does not even pick the library up?, it seems only picks up the path that has no space in it..)

now my question is under vista64 if my target is also x64, i guess i should include the emt64 version ?

am i correct?



Yes, the linker will ignore the library which has the wrong /machine tags.It might be nice if Microsoft and Intel could agree on a common name for the 64-bit libraries, but it doesn't look likely to happen.

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