x64 ifauto problem

x64 ifauto problem

Recompiling my number crunch program for x64.

Compiled module wizard interface module for msado15.dll

Had more than 30 errors generated for routine AUTOADDARG before compiler quit.

Compiles almost clean with W32 (one integer(1) argument that is not allowed AUTOADDARG)

Consulted help for AUTOADDARG, Found that usage for win32 only

Need interface for msado15.dll since records are read and written to Oracle database.

using compiler version 9.1.038

Will the interface module be able to be compiled using 10, i.e. Will the restriction to AUTOADDARG to W32 be dropped.

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I don't think that you're reading the description right - there's nothing specific about 32 vs. 64 bits and IFAUTO and in fact I see comments in the code that x64 is supported.

I just did a test of MSADO15.dll in the module wizard (10.0) and I get the same nine errors for the INTEGER(1) arguments in Win32 and x64. I can't tell what the problem is from your description.

If it still fails with 10.0, please submit a test case to Intel Premier Support. I'd also ask that you report the INTEGER(1) problem - the more customers who do, the more likely it is that will get addressed. You can reference T75388 when you do.

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