Subroutine argument values

Subroutine argument values

I have a subroutine, rank1, that calls another subroutine, sub1 like so: call sub1(m, n, A, kra), and Subroutine sub1(m, n, X, M_rank). Am I wrong in thinking that after sub1 is called, if I am to print kra, which is an array,in rank1 it should be the same values as M_rank at the very end of sub1? Because this is not the case and I cannot figure out the reason for this. Or maybe I am way off base and I just don't understand how this works. Thanks

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Kate, we'd at least need to see the declarations of all of these arguments, both in rank1 and sub1. Also it would be helpful to know how the values are different - does it seem that they are "shifted" to the wrong element number, or are the values wildly different? Most helpful would be a small but complete test case that demonstrates the problem. If you can't give us a full test case, please show the actual code and not "like" code.

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Got it, here's the code:

Subroutine rank1(m, n, A, B)

use Mod_A

Integer m, n, i, j, k

Real(8), Dimension (:,:) :: A(m,n), B(m,n)

c This program first finds out the rank matrix KR of A, then

c re-arrange the the elements in matrix B according to this

c rank matrix, so A and B will have the rank correlation matrix.

c ******************************************************************




Call sub1(m, n, A, kra)

print*, 'kra(1,1)=',kra(1,1)

! print*, 'size of kra=',size(kra)

! print*, 'inbetween'

Call sub1(m, n, B, krb)

print*, 'krb(1,1)=',krb(1,1)

! print*, 'size of krb=',size(krb)

print*, 'Done'

Deallocate (C)


print*, 'kra(1,1)=',kra(1,1)

print*, 'krb(1,1)=',krb(1,1)

do 500 k=1,n

do 600 i=1, m

! C(krb(i,k),k)=B(i,k)

600 continue

do 610 i=1,m

! B(i,k)=C(kra(i,k),k)

610 continue

500 continue









c Sub1 is the program to find out the rank matrix M_rank for X matrix

c *********************************************************************


Subroutine sub1(m, n, X, M_rank)

use Mod_A

Real(8), Dimension(:,:), Target :: X(m,n)

Integer, dimension(:,:), Pointer :: M_rank(:,:)


do 10 i=1, m

do 10 j=1,n


10 continue

do 100 k=1, n

do 200 i=1, m

do 200 j=i+1, m

if (x(i,k) .GT. x(j,k)) then

M_rank(i,k)= M_rank(i,k)+1

M_rank(j,k)= M_rank(j,k)-1


200 continue

100 continue

print*, 'M_rank(1,1)=',M_rank(1,1)

! print*, 'size of M_rank=',size(M_rank)

! print*, 'M_rank 10=',M_rank(1:10,1:10)

! pause




Please show the contents of mod_A. It is required that the caller of rank1 and the caller of sub1 have explicit interfaces for those routines visible, because you have deferred-shape and pointer array arguments. In particular, if rank1 does not see a correct explicit interface for sub1, arguments X and M_rank will be incorrectly passed. I can tell by context that kra is a POINTER array, so it's ok that far, but I'm not seeing the explicit interfaces. It is also clear that these are separate procedures and not in a module.

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