%VAL() on 64bit Intel64

%VAL() on 64bit Intel64

I have following code


pointer (p1,i1)    ! i1 is only dummy variable

p1=LOC(value)   ! in p1 is address of value

call sub(%VAL(p1))  ! and pass address to routine

subroutine sub(i1)

use ifwinty

integer(LPVOID) i1    ! in i1 should be address of value


end subroutine

It works correctly on win32 architecture but when I tried to compile code for Intel64 I obtained:

error #6633: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument. [%VAL]

So I expect that %VAL is passing only 32bit value instead 64bit value of pointer p1 because subroutine sub parameter i1 is defined as 64bit integer.

My question is how can I find what I am doing wrong.

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As you must modify it, best change it to use standard Fortran. f2003 came in several years ago.

I tried a test case based on your incomplete paraphrase of the actual code, and it worked fine with generated interface checking. My guess is that your actual code looks different. Please post a small but complete example that demonstrates the problem.

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What he said:

module resolve

   implicit none

   interface print_kind

      module procedure pk1,pk2,pk4,pk8

   end interface print_kind


      subroutine pk1(x)

         integer(1) x

         write(*,'(a,i0)') 'Kind = ',kind(x)

      end subroutine pk1

      subroutine pk2(x)

         integer(2) x

         write(*,'(a,i0)') 'Kind = ',kind(x)

      end subroutine pk2

      subroutine pk4(x)

         integer(4) x

         write(*,'(a,i0)') 'Kind = ',kind(x)

      end subroutine pk4

      subroutine pk8(x)

         integer(8) x

         write(*,'(a,i0)') 'Kind = ',kind(x)

      end subroutine pk8

end module resolve
program test

   use resolve

   use ifwin

   implicit none

   integer i1


   integer, target :: value

   p1 = LOC(value)

   call print_kind(%val(p1))

   write(*,'(a,i0)') 'LPVOID = ',LPVOID

end program test

Kind = 8


Thanks for code example.

I have found problem. My code is more complicated that I previously posted:


    pointer (p1,i1)    ! i1 is only dummy variable

    character*10 name

    integer*4 iLen

    p1=LOC(name)   ! in p1 is address of value  

    call sub(%VAL(p1),...,%VAL(iLen))  ! and pass address to routine , length of character last and by value

    subroutine sub(i1,....,i7)

    use ifwinty

    integer(LPVOID) i1    ! in i1 should be address of value


    integer(LPVOID) i7


    end subroutine  

and problem is caused by length of string passed as last parameter because %VAL(iLen) is integer*4 (32 bit) and not INTEGER(HANDLE) (64bit)

So i will need to modify my routine "sub" which I use to call functions from external dll in this specific case.

I am sorry to disturb You.

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